The Recipes – April 29,2013

…Today I’m craving chickpeas, so tonight I’ll be making Roasted Asparagus, Chickpeas and Potatoes from the very reliable FatFreeVeganKitchen. But I think I’ll substite a lemon vinaigrette (like these here or here or here) for the recipe’s balsamic-raisin vinaigrette.

…And speaking of chickpeas, Chickpea, Cheese and Onion Burgers from Meat Free Monday Cookbook by Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney, via DP:  I haven’t tried this yet, but hello, it’s Paul McCartney.

…As a non-vegan growing up in Texas, I probably never experienced johnnycake.  In the South it’s known as hoecake, but I only ever knew fried cornbread (and may I have some more).  And there was little in the way of food I looked forward to more than my mother’s pressure-cookered to death green beans and fried cornbread slathered with butter. And sometimes, the whole thing sprinkled with vinegar. Tomato, tomahto, johnny, jonny, hoe, ‘ho. They’re all the same basic recipe – yellow or white cornmeal mixed with salt and hot water and fried in oil – but this variation of roasted red pepper, basil and parmesan sounds worth a try. Substitute vegan parmesan (my favorite is Galaxy’s) for the parmesan cheese and enjoy.

Popcorn is a great vegan snack.  This one for barbecue popcorn I found in the parents section of Tried it over the weekend because I had all the ingredients on hand. There wasn’t the strong barbecue taste I was expecting, but I liked it.  Good snack for kids, too.

…An oldie but a goodie — Tofu Egg Salad from LunchboxBunch. A simple recipe and worth every minute of the 10 minute prep.  Have some for lunch today.  I’m still trying to figure out what the maple syrup does, though.

… And for dessert, how about a Lemon Bundt Cake with Buttercream Frosting?  I haven’t tried this recipe from VeganThyme, but the picture is sure enough mouth-watering and the blog is a fun read.  I love eating cake more when someone else bakes it. I’d just as soon sit down with a bag of Newman-O’s and a glass of almond milk and pine for Paul.

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